Mar 122018
A Few Tips On Surviving Long Haul Flights

How To Survive Long Distance Flights

For the majority of us flying these days, we have to endure the ever increasingly uncomfortable option of economy class.  So after a few long distance flights in the last couple of years, I’ve put together a few tips along with this colorful infographic on Surviving Long Haul Flights.  With these tips, it just might make your next long distance flight a little more bearable!

In the next short while, I’ve got the longest non – stop flight we’ve ever taken coming up and I certainly want to make it as comfortable as possible in economy class. The flight is 14 hours in length from Vancouver BC to New Delhi India!

Tips to Help You Get Through Your Next Long Haul Flight

Surviving Long Haul Flights – Before You Travel

First and foremost when flying economy is getting a seat that you will be happy with!  If I’m flying economy class, I’m most definitely going to pay the little extra for advanced seat selection and always ask for an aisle seat and I like to be as close to the front of the aircraft as possible.

I like to get up and out of my seat often, to stretch, use the toilet and just get out of that seat when I want!  I don’t want to have to ask those seated next to me to move for me each time, especially on long flights where they may be sleeping a great deal.

I also like the open space and not that cramped feeling of a middle or window seat. This is my preference only, but unless you don’t mind a middle seat, then it’s always a good idea to take advantage of advance seat selection.  While on this subject, be sure to check out my latest post on Reclining Economy Seats, one topic that has stirred a lot of controversy lately!

Surviving Long Haul Flights – What to Bring On Board

The infographic below suggests certain items that you may want to consider bringing on the plane with you that can definitely come in handy.  Like a water bottle, something to read, toiletries, eye mask and so on.

What I recently received and used on our last long haul flight and now can’t do without on any flight over 5 hours, is a neck pillow.  I used to wonder what the big deal was about them until I actually used on from our last flight from Vancouver to Vietnam.  You can actually relax your neck and be quite comfortable and for the first time that I can recall, I fell asleep on an airplane!  I have a Natural Latex Neck Travel Pillow and now I never leave home without it!

I also carry Ear Plugs all the time on long flights for escaping noisy passengers and crying babies, as well as to assist in trying to sleep. They do work wonders!  The other item we always carry on all flights is a water bottle with filter inside.  It’s very important to keep well hydrated with water on long flights. I don’t want to keep asking the flight attendant to bring me a small glass of water every hour.

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